Hi, I am Doug Babarovich and I’m an Electrician in Townsville.
Living in North Queensland means fishing & camping goes hand in hand all year round here.  Like most people who enjoy their outdoors life style, I have accumulated a few trailers in my yard and we all know what that means? Constantly having to check the lights are working!

Testing the lights can be difficult and very time consuming when no one is home to sit in the car while I yell out.  I thought to myself ‘there has to be an easier way to do this!’  So off I went and rounded up some parts & components from all different shops and spent one Sunday afternoon putting them together.  

After tinkering around in the shed for most the afternoon, I went in search of my wife and called to her ‘come and have a look at what I’ve done!’ I showed her out to the Camper, connected the box full of the parts & components to the trailer socket, walked around to the back of the trailer, and started testing the lights without sitting in the car!  She was as surprised and impressed as I was for it actually worked.

From this moment, TRAILERMATE™ was established.  I believed that I was not the only person that would appreciate the benefits that TRAILERMATE™  had on offer, and after time searching for similar products, we came to realize that there was nothing on the market in Australia to test your lights as simple as I had just done. 

We decided to apply for a patent and trade mark the name.  Now all we needed was someone to produce them.  We were very fortunate to find a Manufacturer.  After working closely with them they helped design & develop TRAILERMATE™ to what it is today. The best thing is that most of it is Australia made.  Not only can you test that your lights are working on your trailer, TRAILERMATE™  also offers the bonus of being able to check the lights in your vehicle. 

I enjoy a bit of DIY, including fixing my own trailer lights, so having TRAILERMATE™ ready to test everything when I am finished just makes my job easier and faster giving me more time on the water, or taking in the scenery whilst traveling to my favourite camping spots.

You too will enjoy the quality and benefits of TRAILERMATE™.

Kind Regards,
Doug Babarovich

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