Trailer or Vehicle Check:

  1. Connect TRAILERMATE to the trailer plug or vehicle socket.
  2. Switch ON.
  3. Press switches to test each light. Press one switch at a time to preserve battery life.
  4. Check that the trailer or vehicle lights illuminate as required.

Vehicle Outlet Check:

  1. Connect TRAILERMATE to the vehicle socket.
  2. Switch ON.
  3. Operate vehicle lights to test.
  4. Check that LEDs on handset illuminate as per vehicle lights being tested.


  • Allows a solo operator to test their Trailer light without having to hook it up to a vehicle
  • Always know that your trailer lights are working
  • Great for DIY’s who fix their own trailer lights


  • TRAILERMATE has a large internal rechargeable battery
  • TRAILERMATE can now test electric brakes
  • TRAILERMATE comes with a 12 Month Warranty
  • It comes standard with a 10 meter lead allowing TRAILERMATE to be used on most Trailers and Cars
  • Electronic Fuse – means it will reset automatically after a few  seconds if there is a fault
  • TRAILERMATE is Patented protected
  • We are North Queensland Locals

Potential Applications

  • Workshops
  • Caravaners
  • Boat Trailers
  • Box Trailers
  • Auto Electricians
  • Hire Companies
  • Retirees
  • Anyone who wants to be safe on our Roads

How does TRAILERMATE™ compare to cheaper circuit testers?

Cheap circuit testers do what their name says, that is they only ensure there is a circuit from one core to the earth irrespective of if the light actually works or if said light is the right one i.e. brake light might be hooked to indicator and the circuit tester will say it is fine.

Some testers will even give a positive results when there is a short for instance if you have a short in your tail light brown wire to earth resulting in the circuit tester indicating a positive circuit but in fact you will blow a vehicles fuse when used. TRAILERMATE™ has an automatic electronic fuse that resets its self if there is a fault with the trailer wiring.

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TRAILERMATE was recently recognised at the Tropical Innovation Awards

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